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How can I register for the event, and is there a registration fee?

You register for the walk here.

Registration fees, are:

  • Adult: $25 per person
  • Children: (under 18 years of age): $15 per person
  • Family pass (Includes 2 adults and 2 children): $60
  • Pet Pass (Please add your pet pass in Step 2 of registration, located under 'Merchandise'): $10 per pet 
Can I register on the day? 

Certainly! While you can register on-site starting from 9:00am on the day, we highly encourage participants to pre-register here.

Included in your registration is a welcome pack for you and your pet.

What do I receive for my registration fee? 

You receive a piece of PAWS for GAWS branded dog bandana (various sizes available), badge and bumper sticker, and the opportunity to walk in the PAWS for GAWS Charity Dog Walk and assist GAWS to promote the welfare and value of companion animals to improve the health and wellbeing of our local community.

Can I buy PAWS for GAWS merchandise?

Yes! There will be merchandise available for sale on the day. It will be on a first in best dressed basis.

Can I do PAWS for GAWS virtually?

Absolutely, we're aware that some might not be able to join us on Sunday 3rd March, 2024, at 11:00 am but are still eager to support GAWS through fundraising. Create a fundraising page here.

Walk information

When and where will the dog walk take place?

PAWS for GAWS will take place on Sunday 3rd March, 2024, at 11:00.am.

The Walk will start and finish at the Eastern Park BBQ Area, next to the Geelong Botanical Gardens, East Geelong VIC.

You will set off at 11:00am for a relaxed 4km walk that will take you along the Geelong Waterfront and loop back to your original starting point at the Eastern Park BBQ Area.

If required there will be a staggered start to help reduce congestion, ensure smoother traffic flow, and minimize potential conflicts between dogs.

Group sizes will be based on our total number of participants, with comfortable group sizes decided on the day. Depending on group sizes we will have 5 to 10 minute intervals.

What will be happening on the day of the PAWS for GAWS Charity Dog Walk? 

The PAWS for GAWS Activation Hub, located right at the centre of our start/finish line at the Eastern Park BBQ Area, will be hosted by Roxie Bennett, a well known local dog enthusiast and community leader.

The hub will open at 9:00 am.

At the event, you'll find:

  • Pop up pet shops
  • Food and coffee
  • A PAWS for GAWS Merchandise Stand
  • Pet Ownership Information, offering information about responsible pet ownership and fostering a community of informed and dedicated pet caregivers.
What will happen after the walk?

Following the walk, we invite you to spend time with fellow pet enthusiasts in the hub until about 2:00 pm.

Are there any breed or size restrictions for dogs?

Every dog, regardless of breed or size, is invited as long as they are sociable and friendly!

What should I bring to the dog walk?

We recommend bringing water for both you and your dog, a leash, waste bags, sun protection, and suitable shoes for the occasion.

Is the walk suitable for young children, strollers, people requiring mobility aids? 

Definitely! Our walk is family friendly and perfectly suitable for those with young children, strollers and mobility aids.

How long is the walk, and what is the difficulty level?

The walk is around 4kms and is for all fitness levels, we suggest that participants take their time and enjoy the stunning surrounds.

Will there be water and rest stops along the route?

Our walk is leisurely, not competitive, so feel free to take breaks whenever needed. There are benches to rest on along the Waterfront path and at Eastern Park. Remember to bring your own water bottles for you and your pets for the journey.

Can I participate without a dog?

Absolutely, even if you don't have a dog, you're warmly invited to participate. We're rallying the entire community to support this fantastic fundraising initiative.

Can I walk a cat or other pet at PAWS for GAWS? 

Unfortunately, no. We advise you do not bring other types of animals to the PAWS for GAWS event to reduce risk to them, given there will be so many dogs present.

What are the contingency plans for inclement weather, including any rescheduling or cancellation policies? 

Leading up to the event, we'll be closely monitoring the weather forecast to anticipate and prepare for any unfavourable conditions. We will promptly inform participants of any weather-related changes.

The safety of our walkers and their pets is paramount to us.

Should local authorities issue severe weather warnings, we will cancel the walk accordingly.

In the event of a cancellation on March 3rd 2024, participants are encouraged to partake in a virtual PAWS for GAWS walk at their convenience, thereby continuing to support our fundraising efforts.

What safety measures are in place for participants and dogs?

There will be an Information marquee set up in the event hub where participants can get information about the event, route, safety measures, and emergency procedures.

Leash Requirement: All dogs should be kept on leashes at all times to prevent conflicts and ensure control.

Water Available: There will be a Barwon Water station set up in the event hub plus participants will be notified to bring their own water bottles for themselves and their pets.

First Aid: There will be first aid available for both humans and dogs. A veterinarian will be on standby for emergencies.

Waste Management: Participants are required to bring waste bags for their pets to maintain cleanliness along the route.

Crowd Control: We are fortunate that our location will ensure a comfortable experience for everyone.

Signage: There will be clear signage along the route for directions, first aid stations, and rest areas.

Briefing Participants: Before the walk, participants will be briefed about the route, safety protocols, and what to do in case of an emergency.

Volunteers and Staff: There will be many friendly GAWS volunteers and staff present to provide assistance and offer guidance.

Participant Identification: PAWS FOR GAWS participants and their dogs will be recognised by our event branded bandana.


How can I fundraise for the event, and is there a minimum fundraising amount?

You can contribute to the fundraising by joining the walk, and setting up a fundraising page when you register, and promoting your fundraising efforts.

Encourage your colleagues, friends, and family to join in too. Share your fundraising goals on social media, and if you have a pet, post a selfie with them.

Remember, your efforts significantly aid GAWS in their remarkable work within our local community. While we aim for a $250 fundraising goal, please know that any amount you raise is greatly appreciated.

Fundraising tips 

More information

Please contact the PAWS for GAWS event manager:

Jade Augustine
0408 489 602