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Fundraising TIPS

We are asking everyone to help the dogs in our shelter waiting for their forever homes by raising much needed funds through PAWS for GAWS.

Set up a fundraising page when you register

Keep the link handy so you can show people how to support you, include the link in texts and posts on social media.

Encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to support you.

If fundraising for GAWS is important to you, then it will be important to the people who care for you. Explain WHY raising funds for GAWS is important to you and for homeless animals in your region.

You can use the information below, and the socials tiles provided, to encourage support and donations.

“Each year, Geelong Animal Welfare Society (GAWS) cares for around 3,500 animals and has a 90% reuniting, rehabilitation, and rehoming rate. GAWS is the only animal shelter caring for homeless and at-risk animals in the Greater Geelong region, as well as the Surf Coast, Burrough of Queenscliffe, and Golden Plains shires. It is not-for-profit and funded entirely by community goodwill and donations. Support GAWS today by donating to my PAWS for GAWS Charity Dog Walk fundraiser!”

Personalise how or why you request support for your fundraiser.

Give your fundraiser a catchy theme (e.g. dress up and share pics of your pooch on social media) or attach it to a special occasion for yourself or your social group (e.g. birthday, weekend get-together). Give people that extra motivation to help you raise funds for the walk.

Be savvy using social media or word of mouth to promote your fundraiser.

Promote your fundraiser using social media. Use a strong picture, direct language with instructions, and include the hash tags #PAWSforGAWS2024 #GAWS #geelonganimalwelfaresociety #charitydogwalk #fundraiser

Do you know influential people? Ask them to promote your fundraiser for you as well! Share a link to your own fundraiser post for them to share with their networks.

Promote your fundraiser in person by mentioning the PAWS for GAWS event at every opportunity – use it as a conversation starter or filler, or to talk about your passion for animal welfare, for fundraising, and for your own dog. Not only will you gain supporters, you might gain a PAWS for GAWS walking buddy, too!

Team up with like-minded people.

Do you have friends, family or colleagues looking for a way to bond and give back to their community? Form a PAWS for GAWS team -fundraise together and complete the walk together! The emotional support and friendly competition will make the experience more fun!

Get your workplace or school involved – your team can be two people or two hundred!

Keep your supporters updated.

Let your supporters know how your fundraising is progressing once a week, and encourage them to share your fundraiser with others to reach your final target. Share your PAWS for GAWS experience with supporters (e.g. a photo or description) to let them know their donations were worthwhile. 

For more PAWS for GAWS fundraising tips, contact fundraising@gaws.org.au

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